Coming Together

Stories of the Beminded Team

The nervous boyfriend

Anna and Lena on a hitch hiking trip somewhere on the swedish west coast in 2001.

Twenty some years ago, a nervous young man is on his way to a party. He is bringing his new girlfriend, an engineer to be – somewhat strong headed and straight forward. Why he is nervous? The host of the party is his old girlfriend. A young woman of equally strong character, majoring in behavioural science, and who had just returned from a 2600 km bike ride from Istanbul to Malmoe. Was this night a mistake? Could anything good come out of bringing these two women together? If he would have known that this night would be the start of a lifelong friendship between Anna and Lena, resulting in travels, careers, phone calls throughout entire nights, and far far down the line, enthusiastic co-workers of Beminded AB, he would not have needed to worry.

The Student becomes the Teacher

Catherine, Lena and Anna in Åre, Jämtland in 2020.

Some years ago, a manager at a sports clothing company takes a course in stress-free productivity. The manager quickly realizes the benefits of the method of working, and implements the thinking and behavior into her work life. But there is something else lingering…  The trainer of the course had felt like an old friend, right from the start. They share the love of skiing, had worked the same ski-resorts in their youth and so on. Over the years they meet again, as the manager has her entire team take the course. Conversations starts to revolve around ways of living, rather than just methods of working. And when the manager feels she wants to motivate and inspire people in new ways, and starts to think about new jobs, she turns to the trainer for some advice. The trainer exclaims “You should come work with me! You already live by most of what we teach”. The manager and the trainer sit in silence for a while. Then they smile. Then they laugh. A feeling of friendship turned into an actual one between Anna and Catherine. And Catherine became a part of the Beminded team.