Sometimes you just forget, like a normal human being. Or you had that horrible thing happen to you called “reinstallation of your computer”. Anyhow, we can help you get all your settings in order. Take it easy.

Please see instructions below for video tutorials on topics that will make technology support you in your behavioural change. The password for the video has been provided to you by your Beminded trainer. Click the images to get to the videos. Please do not hesitate to contact your trainer if you have any questions.


hitta mapplistan
Find your folder symbol and your task list


Skapa och gruppera på kategorier
Create and group by category


Våra rekommenderade grundinställningar för outlook
Our recommended basic settings for Outlook


Skapa snabbsteg som gör mail till uppgifter
Create shortcuts to make emails into tasks


Få Ctrl+Shift+K att fungera överallt
Make Ctrl+Shift+K work from anywhere


Skapa automatiska e-postregler
Create automatic e-mail rules


Ett smart och enkelt sätt att hålla kontakter uppdaterade

A smart and simple way to keep your contacts updated


Create and use Quick Parts in outlook

Create and use Quick Parts in Outlook


Delayed delivery of emails